Online Reservations Made Easy

An Elegant Solution

When you sign up with ResOS, you will be able to start taking online reservations from your website almost immediately. Other online reservation companies charge thousands of dollars in setup fees, and in addition to hefty monthly fees, charge their customers per reservation. ResOS replaces this outdated, expensive business model with a simple & straightforward approach: a single, affordable monthly fee. ResOS also eliminates the need for large, obsolete & unattractive PC hardware that other companies require their customers to purchase, and instead frees up your valuable restaurant space, while offering a more elegant and mobile solution. With ResOS, you can manage your reservations and restaurant(s) simply and immediately from anywhere on the planet.

Online Reservations For Restaurants

Advertising To Your Customers

Simple and Fast

With ResOS, every customer that makes a reservation through your restaurant website will be added to your own private customer database. Once you have started using ResOS, you will be on your way to building one of the fastest growing customer databases specific only to your business(es). Everything you advertise will be immediate and you will be able to track your ROI directly with well designed newsletters.

Direct email advertising is relevant because your customers have already experienced the quality of your products and services. Frequently reminding them why your restaurant is the best, is extremely critical to staying competitive on a day to day basis.

Don’t just let your website be an online brochure, make sure your website creates value for your business.

If you are thinking of someday selling your restaurant, you might want to consider the fact that a large customer database makes your business much more valuable than a business without one. A large private customer database proves the value of your business.

How It Works

ResOS is designed to work the way you work.

ResOS knows how many tables and seats are occupied in your restaurant at all times. When your restaurant is full at certain times, ResOS will automatically suggest alternate times for your guests convenience. ResOS will never overbook your restaurant.

We will add a form to your restaurant’s website that allows your customers to make an online reservation.
Online Reservation Form


Zero charges per guest.

$40/mo + $150 onetime setup fee. You will be charged a simple $40/month beginning on the day your website starts taking reservations online. You can cancel anytime and there are no contracts locking you in for a specified amount of time.

If you don’t already own an iPad or similar device (internet enabled PC), we can send you one. We highly recommend you purchase an iPad directly from Apple to receive proper authorized Apple support. If you absolutely need us to send you an iPad, we will, but we like to keep things simple.
$40/mo + $700 setup fee (includes Apple iPad for you to keep: S&H included in all US states)

*International destinations may require one-time S&H charges

No long term contracts. Cancel your subscription at anytime. Safe and Secure database of all your customers contact info.

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